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Programmed Perspectives

This winter I have had the opportunity to connect with my more creative side, by creating an experience that aimed to bridge the digital with the physical world through artificial intelligence. Since December last year I led a team at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden, to design an installation for the exhibition “Artificial Intelligence IRL: How Sweden is putting AI to good use” at the House of Sweden in Washington.

The installation, named “Programmed Perspectives: an interactive installation”, seeks to demonstrate the interplay between AI and human interaction, showcasing how the digital transformation of society impacts the democratic discourse and the ongoing evolution of AI. The work is part of a larger exhibit produced by the Swedish Institute, which illustrates Sweden’s application of AI. “Programmed Perspectives” allows participants to converse with a digital entity powered by voice-enabled AI. The twist? A button allows users to shift the AI’s core perspective at any point, highlighting the potential biases in AI and emphasizing the importance of source criticism. There are three modes of the installation, it will try to convince you of its political perspective in a conversation, taking a conservative, liberal or socialist viewpoint.

Our team, including Per Ottosson, Gunnar Oledal and Micke Kring, crafted this experience to ignite conversations about digital ownership, design, and the ethical implications of AI in a rapidly evolving AI-integrated world.

The installation will stay at the embassy in Washington over the coming year, being a part of the exhibition and serve as a backdrop to many coming AI-themed events at the embassy,

It feels great having had the opportunity to explore AI through the perspectives of design, ethics and democracy. “Programmed Perspectives” is a conversation starter about the AI-driven transformation reshaping every facet of our lives, and how it also fast is becoming a mediating technology between eachother, and in society.

As with all creative digital initiatives, the process wasnt at all a clear path from idea to finished design. Working through exploratory processes, with several different AI based tools and technologies, was for sure a complex and hard experience, with many pitfalls along the way. Im greatful for the patience of colleagues and partners at the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy, without whom this project would not have seen the light of day. Thank you all!

If you happen to pass the House of Sweden in Washington, I hope you get a chance to explore AI and experience Programmed Perspectives.

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